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Right to Information (RTI) Act Resource Centre


June 9, 2006


Sub: Completion of Copy-right/IPR related aspects for the various software products designed, developed & implemented by NIC all across NICNET.

All concerned are hereby advised to complete the Copy-right & IPR related work for all the software packages designed, developed & implemented by NIC-Specialists, both at Central Govt. & State Govt. levels all across NICNET. To reiterate, the indicative criteria for the software packages which must essentially be Copy-right/IPR protected could be that all software products/packages which have been rolled-out either as part of NIC services to governmental sector/public sector undertakings or through specially assigned projects.

An intimation for the compliance with the above, details for the already undertaken Copy-right software products as well as those which are under processing should immediately be sent to the undersigned latest by Monday, 30th June 2006 positively.

Your valuable cooperation is sought for above on immediate priority basis.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Kashi Nath)

To all DDGs
To all HODs
To all SIOs
Copy for PS to DG(NIC)