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Resource for Rupee Symbol (₹)

India adopted a new currency symbol for its Rupee, which was approved by a Ministry of Finance Approval. The Symbol was assigned a Unicode number in October, 2010. Fedora version 14 and Ubuntu 10.10 natively supports the new Rupee symbol. If you have not upgraded your OS to the recent versions of Fedora or Ubuntu and would still like to use the new Rupee symbol in your applications then you can download and use any or all of the free fonts listed below:

Rupakara Font
Dejavu Fonts
Ubuntu Font Family

The Unicode 6.0 for the symbol is represented by U+20A0 and the HTML representation is: ₹

Learn more about the Rupee sign

Holiday List and Calendar 2011

Like past several years the Calendar and Holiday List is now available for download. You can also download Holiday List of previous years as well.

Calendar 2011 (Colour)
Calendar 2011 (Black & White)
Holiday List of previous years

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